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Electrical Panel & Panel Enclosures
At present, no facility is completed without electrical material such as panels, boards, wires and more. We present electrical panel and panel enclosures for machines, homes and factory protection from disaster occur by electrical disturbances. The cases or enclosures are composed from caliber material that resist harmful things and weather.
Car Parking System
As the human population is increasing, so does car population is expanding. Roads are never free to ride or drive vehicles smoothly. Therefore, our car parking system is provided to customers as to install it in different areas for storeywise parking that additionally minimizes parking space. In addition, our parking system also encourages modern facilities to take over conventional vehicle facilities.
Metal Shoe Racks
Do not you have become bored of old style shoe rack at your home and different places? Whatever the answer is, our shoe racks come in more stylish and sophisticated look as it is metal made. Therefore, our metal shoe racks come in distinguished designs, colors and finishes for customers to keep their footwear in more organized and fashionable manner.
CNC Turret Punch Job Work Services
Sometimes industries that deal in metal, steel and heavy duty products have material but does not possess accurate machines to make perforated components and products for further applications. Hence, they avail our CNC turret punch job work services for their requirements. We render services for impeccably finished filters, strainers, fixtures and different similar equipment.
Fire Fighting Equipments
Through minor mistakes of people, fire can easily occur with unpredictable expansion. Therefore, to keep fire dousing equipment near dwelling space is necessary. We offer fire fighting equipment to fire equipment producers to make complete set only through our fire extinguisher body. It is hard in nature, which implies no harmful thing can simply affect offered equipment.
Auto Exterior Accessories
When people direly opt for auto interior accessories, they do not offer any heed to the exterior as many of us do not comprehend the properties that normally vehicle exterior product ancillaries serve. Our presented auto exterior accessories are rigid in characteristic, hence, they provide elegance as well as safety to the vehicle from outside influences that can easily damage the auto’s exterior.
Metal Fabrication Services
To work with metal, individuals need to hold patience and to put efforts as to obtain required output. We help these people by offering our caliber metal fabrication services that include cutting, welding, bending, forming and more processes. Customers can fulfill their pre-requisites in timely accomplishment, promptness and cost-effective approach.

Engine Oil Pans
Fuel is another source of energy, therefore, numerous industries that have plants in their production units deploy our fuel injection systems. After installing our systems, machines will get appropriate quantity of fuel for generating energy to achieve desired performance and output. Offered systems additionally prevent leaking and warping following repeated off and on cycles.

Deep Drawn Components
Deep drawn components are critical for various machines to perform specific tasks on time. Therefore, we offer these components to aid customers to perform any productive task in ease manner. Due to solid and caliber material, our components functions more prolong than other accessible components at similar rates. Avail our components and forget about handling.
Perforated Sheets
Perforated sheets of different material have become pertinent in major industries such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical and more. Our sheets are of steel that offer great rigidity and inherent steel properties, which are beneficial for completely grave tasks. Balanced perforation of our sheets offer dependability to the operators for simple handling and cleaning.

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